Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

With their hometown Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians squaring off in this year’s World Series, good friends and banana-boat buddies Dwyane Wade and LeBron James are prepared to raise the stakes just a little bit more.

In a video released on “Uninterrupted” Tuesday night, Wade laid out the ground rules for his friendly wager with James.

“We’re both fashionable guys. We both love to dress. We both love to feel good and look good,” Wade said. “So, whoever team loses, the loser has to show up during the NBA season to the other guy’s home game dressed as the team who won.”

If the Cubs take the series, LeBron will be forced to wear the team’s hat, shirt, and pants when the Cleveland Cavaliers visit the United Center on Dec. 2 to take on the Chicago Bulls. The same goes for Wade should the Indians emerge victorious, as he would need to don their gear for the Bulls’ trip to Quicken Loans Arena on Jan. 4.

May the best team win.