Messi goals machine,no physical limits for him


Messi is a “goals machine” behind the face of the nice child. His legs are worth more , however for the most part uses his head. Starting here, while some feel that the Leos vocation sundown is coming, years are passing and he can not fly with the ball at his feet, Jorge Valdano brings another point of view. “Messi’s limitt is not physical, but rather mental. Don’t expect that years will lower his level. In spite of the fact that you will see him strolling gradually, it will dependably be conclusive, while the will is allowed. In “Camp Nou”, against Manchester City, he ran seven kilometer comparing to ten or eleven kilometers of his colleagues. Be that as it may, it was sufficient to score three goals, “- underscores Valdano. The last one protected feedback from Leo Messi, for which more are listening to strange declarations in Argentina: “Keep in mind that when he was youthful, he had the chance to play in Spain by some Barcelona players who knew exceptionally well, however Messi his emotions heard and spoke to his national group shirt, “- he said the” France Football “.