Former Tottenham Hotspur forward and London Monarchs placekicker Clive Allen believes Harry Kane has what it takes to switch brands of football.

Kane, 23, was last season’s Premier League top scorer and is one of the first names on the England team sheet, but Allen already has designs about what Kane can achieve when he’s done with a leather spheroid.

And playing in the NFL is something Kane himself has previously expressed an interest in.

“I know Harry well. He’s a natural sportsman – a good golfer – and I wouldn’t be surprised (if he moved to NFL),” Allen told the London Evening Standard’s Sam Long.

“He would be one who could master the technique – there’s no doubt about that. And I know he would have the mentality to cope with it as well.”

The former NFL Europe player thinks the widely held opinion that being a kicker is a relatively easy task is a misconception, particularly given the lack of time to set yourself in high-pressure situations.

“Even though the ball is snapped and placed for you there are a number of times when it’s not quite perfect for you. So you have to adjust when you’re kicking.”

If Kane was to try his feet in American football, he may encounter an old Premier League counterpart on his travels. Christian Fuchs, the Leicester City left-back, also stated a wish to make it as an NFL kicker.

There is precedence of sportsmen swapping the two disciplines – particularly during the height of the NASL in the 1970s – but recent examples are rare. Former MLS forward Devin Barclay played with Ohio State as a kicker between 2007-2010, and Menelik Watson is an offensive tackle for the Oakland Raiders after failing to make the grade at Manchester City through injury concerns.