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Bart Scott isn’t a fan of Odell Beckham Jr.’s antics.

The NFL linebacker-turned-analyst described in an appearance on CBS Sports Radio’s “The DA Show” exactly how he’d deal with a teammate like Beckham in the locker room.

“Listen, you can go out there with all that tough-guy stuff,” Scott said. “If you come in here with these goons, (watch out). I would choke the hell out of Odell Beckham if he came here with that. I’m used to dealing with 350-pound guys. You ain’t in this weight class.”

He doesn’t appear to be kidding, either.

“I’ve choked plenty of players,” Scott added. “I’ve choked plenty of players. Listen, you can come up here if you want to. You’re leaving differently than you came in. I’d pull his hair back and smack the hell out of him. Listen, you know better. And then it got to be a disrespectful one. You don’t hit him with the front of the hand; you hit him with the backhand. Listen, if you backhand a grown man and he know he can’t do nothing, you break his will. He gotta leave. Somebody gotta die.”

Scott was first critical of the New York Giants’ star receiver for his actions in a loss to the Washington Redskins last week, and his most recent comments come after an unsportsmanlike foul he drew in a defeat at the hands of the Minnesota Vikings on Monday night.

Beckham’s behavior has been the talk of the league in recent weeks, and all eyes (including those of the officiating staff) now follow him every time he sets foot on the field.

Conceding that he needs to do a better job of keeping his emotions under wraps, Beckham spoke this week of a focus on not setting a poor example for kids.

“I just have to control what I can control. I can control myself. I can’t control anything else but what I do,” Beckham told reporters. “I definitely know I can do a better job at that.

“The thing that kills me is that I remember when I was a kid. I remember when I looked up to someone and watched them, emulated them. What I’m doing is not something I would want a 6-year-old boy to learn from. … I would never, again, want to set a bad example for any kids or anything like that. I’m just doing the best to be me.”