Buffon: It was a deserved defeat against Fiorentina


Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon has spoken about the course of the season after losing to Fiorentina.

38-year-old said it was a deserved defeat and that should work and not words to pass this difficult period seasonally.

“It was a good presentation from Juve, but the important thing is to see how we will react.”

“In some moments of the season we should be treated differently, are in hot stage where we have to try to lose as few games”.

“Season? Must humbly with deeds and not with words and at the same time and ambition. Against Fiorentina a deserved loss when it plays in the normal way is not to get any points. ”

“Donnarumma? Is an outstanding goalkeeper, doing well and I am fascinated everyone, “said Buffon.

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