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The Toronto Blue Jays have a lot of people trying to drain them of this postseason energy. Sure, being down 3-0 headed into Game 4 was less than ideal, but with a renewed sense of hope after Tuesday’s 5-1 victory over the Cleveland Indians, you can’t back Josh Donaldson and Co. into a corner.

They’re the sixth team in history to extend a series to Game 5 after facing a 3-0 deficit. Only two teams have extended it to Game 6, and of course, only one has gone the distance.

The 2004 Boston Red Sox are the only team in Major League Baseball history to come back from a 3-0 deficit to win a best-of-seven series.

This year’s Blue Jays squad has more in common with that legendary Red Sox team than you might think, as Reddit user ParrotWalk pointed out.

Both teams entered the playoffs in a wild-card spot

Both teams swept their opponent in the ALDS

  • Boston swept the AL West champion Anaheim Angels, and Toronto swept the AL West champion Texas Rangers.

Both teams were ALCS losers the previous year

  • The Red Sox lost to the New York Yankees, and the Toronto Blue Jays were taken down by the Kansas City Royals.

Both teams went down 3-0 in the midst of a World Series drought

  • Boston’s was 86 years and Toronto’s is at 23.

Both teams witnessed pitchers bleeding on the mound

  • Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling bled through his sock after his ankle sutures started coming undone during his Game 6 start in the ’04 ALCS. Indians hurler Trevor Bauer was bleeding through stitches in his pinkie finger in Game 3 of the Indians’ series vs. Toronto after suffering a laceration while repairing his drone days earlier.

Both have players with the first name ‘Kevin’ and a last name ending in ‘illar’

  • No really. Kevin Pillar is Toronto’s center fielder, while Kevin Millar played first base and outfield for the Red Sox.