World Cup 2018 FIFA cautions England to landing points


Britain may drop down in the rankings in the qualifiers 2018 whether to demand that delegate players in the match with Scotland to keep the arm bar with Scotland commemoration of 11 November 1918 when an agreement was aigned between the Aleate Forces and Germany that prompted to the end of the First World War. Such discipline may take even Scotland and in addition the nation’s Federation has looked to keep up this image.

President of the Football Association, Glenn Martin has expressed that the organization he leads will challenge FIFA to boycott business messages, political or religious convictions and would acknowledge any discipline.

An announcement that he found the reaction of the Secretary General of FIFA, Fatma Diouf Samba Sammour which expressed that there can be special cases.

“England is not by any means the only nation that has endured the results of war,” said Sammour. “Syria is an illustration. I don’t see any motivation behind why exemptions are made for their very own condition, and not for whatever remains of the world. Britain must perceive that these are the tenets and that it might be taken against approvals “