Every Monday, theScore will highlight the most outlandish moments from the wacky, sometimes daft, and perennially entertaining world of European football. Here’s what made us smile – or cringe – on the pitch this past week.

Another week of football is in the books, and while many of Europe’s professionals avoided the cliche trappings of all things Halloween related, the seven days were no less bizarre.

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Hawthorns carol worth a chuckle

While far from weird, it would be unfair to note all things trivial and entertaining in football without mentioning the performance by West Brom supporters at the Hawthorns on Saturday.

Manchester City may have outclassed the Baggies in a 4-0 drubbing, but some credit is due to the West Brom faithful for their interpretive singing as Tony Pulis’ lot played hot potato with the ball.

No glove, no love

Colombian legend and former Newcastle fan favourite Faustino Asprilla’s long-awaited foray into prophylactics has finally come to fruition after the attacker’s line of condoms was unveiled earlier in the week.

The purveyor of an equally-as-peculiar Twitter account was on hand to show off his “Condones El Tino” while rubbing shoulders with fellow Los Cafeteros hero Carlos Valderrama and blowing a balloon set for a latex launch.

Ball boy target practice

Should AFC Tubize shot-stopper Quentin Beunardeau’s career in football not pan out, he may have a future in the lucrative world of professional dodgeball after the Belgian second-division player belted a lethargic ball boy during Sunday’s match with Royal Antwerp.

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Coming to the rescue of the passive pitch-side clerk was Antwerp forward Bjorn Vleminckx, who confronted Beunardeau for his flinging faux-pas. Somewhere, Eden Hazard is smiling.

Get this man a towel

Non-league Guildford City’s 4-4 draw with North Greenford was a goal-friendly affair highlighted by a timely shot by press photographer Paul Burgman.

(Courtesy: @Burgy_Tog/Twitter)

It would appear that Guildford’s celebrations extended beyond the pitch, as skipper Darryl Shaw was caught fist pumping in his birthday suit after leaving the match before the interval with a hamstring worry. Cheeky stuff that.

A weekly look at Patrice Evra’s Instagram

This week in Patrice Evra’s Instagram is a dichotomy of the tolerant and frightful. First, the Juventus full-back performed a furry rendition of Desiigner’s “Panda” with an unprejudiced message conveyed by a bamboo bon vivant.

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Then, the French international got into the Halloween spirit with by dressing up as Chucky and dabbing. What a guy.