Revealed player who insulted and made to lose control Messi after the match


Lionel Messi is making headlines in the media after the Argentine was again betrayed by nerves.

After the incident at Valencia, Barcelona star is out of control at the end of the meeting against Manchester City in the Champions League, after the tunnel was offended by an English club player.

According to Brazilian media Globoesporte, the player who has offended the star of the Catalan club and forced Messi to increase the voice and says “Beast, come here and show me your face!” And then inserted into the dressing room of City seeking it is Fernandinho.

The midfielder was one of the key players of Man City on the field, during a moment the Brazilian has fallen in Messin area, but the referee not awarded a penalty.

However that Lionel calm down in the dressing room it required the intervention of Sergio Aguero.