Nainggolan comes out: I hate Juventus, always win with a penalty as a gift


It is undergoing an extraordinary form and is undoubtedly the best midfielder in Serie A.

Belgian star Rome, Radja Nainggolan has shown that Juventus has always hated even as it was part of Cagliari.

“I reject important offers from other clubs and have decided to remain faithful to Rome”.

“I decided to stay here to fight and win the trophy. If we leave Rome will insult, but I love this club, ” said Nainggolan.

He further stated that he was against Juventus when he was born, and he hates the Italian champions.

“I’ve always been against Juventus since the day I was born, I hate this team.”

“Even when I was in Cagliari always played hard and have not lost in” Juventus Stadium “”.

“I hate because Juventus always win with a penalty kick or donate. I came to Rome because I want to win something against Juventus. If not Serie A, the Coppa Italia, “concluded the Belgian.