Noah K. Murray / USA TODAY Sports

During the New York Giants’ victory over the Los Angeles Rams in London on Sunday, on-field microphones seemed to pick up quarterback Eli Manning yelling an unusual audible.

Manning appeared to be shouting “Trump,” a reference to Republican presidential nominee and businessman, Donald Trump. However, Manning said that wasn’t the case when asked about it postgame.

“Trump call, Trump call …. nah, no Trump call. No Trump call,” Manning said, according to James Kratch of NJ Advance Media.

“We have something very similar, but no, it was not a Trump. It was not an audible this week. Nothing there.”

It’s a shame it wasn’t a Trump audible, because that would have been tremendous. You won’t believe how good of a play that would have been. People have said – and these are important people – that they can’t believe how tremendous this play would have been.

Judge for yourself: