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Los Angeles Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn says controversial running-back prospect Joe Mixon will remain on the team’s draft board after an hour-long meeting last week.

“I just wanted to pick his brain to see where he was at football-wise since he didn’t come to the combine,” Lynn said, according to ESPN’s Eric D. Williams. “He did a good job of that.

“He’s still on the draft board. It didn’t change much. We just wanted to see where he was at. We know he can play football. He’s one of the best backs in the draft. We just wanted to do our homework, that’s all.”

The Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots have reportedly erased Mixon from their draft boards after the release of a 2014 video in which he’s shown punching a female Oklahoma student.

The 20-year-old wasn’t invited to last month’s NFL combine due to the incident, so teams have been meeting with him in order to get more information on his off-field issues. In mid-March, the young runner’s agent said he had 12 meeting lined up with NFL teams so far.

The Chargers have an established starter in Melvin Gordon, but are in need of an effective change-of-pace back who could eventually split time with Gordon.

While some teams apparently view Mixon as undraftable, there’s few who’d argue he wouldn’t have been a first-round pick if not for his character concerns.