Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports / Reuters

Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis is making it clear his team has no plans to trade backup quarterback AJ McCarron.

Either that, or Lewis is trying to drive up the price.

“AJ McCarron is a valuable member of our football team,” Lewis said, according to the Bengals’ official website. “No one has asked to trade him. We’re not going to go out and seek a trade for AJ McCarron. He’s a valuable member of the team. We’ve said that how many times?”

It’s believed that the Bengals would part with McCarron for the right price, so Lewis’ comments strongly suggest the team has yet to receive an offer it likes.

Then again, a recent rash of quarterback injuries have shown how important it is for teams to have a capable backup (just ask the Oakland Raiders, whose Super Bowl hopes died with starter Derek Carr’s injury).

Perhaps the Bengals truly are content to go into the season with McCarron as an insurance policy for Andy Dalton.