Iniesta reveals his follower at Barcelona


Andres Iniesta turns 33 years old in May while media has already started to think about his replacement.
Inevitable is the name of Marco Verratti who was given a lecture in the Champions League match.

He was among the best in the victory of Paris Saint-Germain, along with Blaise Matuidi.
It was Inestan Matuidi who asked Iniesta,if Verratti was his successor.
“Can he be your successor” Matuidi is thought to have asked Iniesta.

“Yes, I believe so,” said the Spaniard.

For 23-year-old has interest from teams like Juventus, Inter, Chelsea and Arsenal, but PSG is not thinking about the offer.

Pescara player came out in 2012, although by that time he had not played in an elite league.

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