theScore Staff

54m ago

Chuck Cook / USA TODAY Sports

If you’re one of the 2.65-million people who follow Drew Brees on Twitter, you know that his feed is filled with the most wholesome, positive, good-ol’-boy, family-man posts imaginable.

Which is why a strongly worded tweet that was seemingly directed at his teammates – and a certain former teammate – has raised some eyebrows Saturday.

After Michael Thomas and the recently traded Brandin Cooks appeared to engage in a brief war of words on Twitter before the latter was shipped off to the New England Patriots on Friday, Brees posted a tweet of his own Saturday morning that seemed to disapprove of the young pass-catchers’ decision to air their grievances over social media:

While Brees may be correct in preferring his teammates work out their problems among themselves and not online, it’s tough to ignore that Brees himself is airing his problems on social media as well.