Mark J. Rebilas / USA TODAY Sports

Denver Broncos cornerback Chris Harris doesn’t understand how teammate Aqib Talib could face NFL discipline for accidentally shooting himself in the leg on June 5.

Though local police said they have concluded Talib’s gunshot wound was self-inflicted and he will not be charged with a crime, the NFL said Tuesday that the league is still reviewing the incident and could impose discipline.

Talib didn’t want to discuss the situation with reporters, but some of his teammates spoke on the matter.

“It’s a weird situation,” Harris said, according to Cameron Wolfe of The Denver Post. “You never know what’s going to happen. You never know what the NFL is going to do. How can you punish him when he didn’t go to jail? He didn’t do anything wrong. Apparently, it’s not bothering him at all. So, if it’s not bothering him it’s not going to bother us. Keep it rolling.”

The NFL would likely contend that Talib being so intoxicated he shot himself and didn’t remember doing so constitutes doing “something wrong.” The league’s personal conduct policy is supposed to hold players to a higher standard of behavior than the law.

Should Talib be suspended, it would be a major blow to the Broncos’ defense. The cornerback has been one of the NFL’s best players this season, snagging three interceptions in four games.