Last weekend, the Cleveland Indians took the field against the Toronto Blue Jays at Rogers Centre without Chief Wahoo – their red-faced, big-nosed, stereotype-perpetuating caricature of a Native American – affixed, as he usually is, to their uniform sleeves. Being on the road, moreover, their jerseys bore “Cleveland” on the front instead of “Indians.”

Aesthetically, at least, there was nothing overtly racist about this baseball team’s uniform. But to call this progress would be charitable.

Frankly, it’s hard to shake the feeling that they simply ditched the logo for the weekend to avoid any additional headaches in the wake of the human rights complaint initially filed against them in an Ontario court in 2016, when Douglas Cardinal, an Indigenous activist and architect, argued that Chief Wahoo and the club’s nickname are discriminatory.

“It was organizational,” Cleveland manager Terry Francona said Friday of the decision to remove the logo for the series. “We fully support being respectful. I don’t think we ever meant it to be disrespectful.”

But, as Cardinal alluded to in his lawsuit, they’re still called the Cleveland Indians, so efforts to minimize their own racist iconography aren’t really sufficient. (The club will eliminate the logo from their on-field uniforms entirely in 2019, but they’ll continue to peddle Chief Wahoo merchandise at the team store. They need to preserve their trademark, after all.) If, as Francona’s claims, the organization really does support “being respectful,” nothing short of a complete re-brand will suffice.

And if Major League Baseball, which is purportedly committed to “building a culture of diversity and inclusion throughout the game,” as the commissioner put it in January, actually cares about, y’know, diversity and inclusion, Rob Manfred will push club owner Paul Dolan to do that. Immediately.

Because if the dishearteningly hostile, dismissive, and just-plain-awful reactions to protests from Native American activists – a home-opener tradition at the ironically named Progressive Field – is any indication, the club’s fans certainly won’t.

(Warning: Video contains coarse language)