5 MLB throwback uniforms we'd like to see in 2020

The Minnesota Twins announced Monday that they are bringing back the baby blue uniforms the club last wore in 1986.

In what has been a month of throwback looks making a return, the San Diego Padres unveiled a revamped brown-and-yellow color scheme and the Milwaukee Brewers released the ball-in-glove logo with accompanying jerseys for next season.

In honor of these old styles coming back, let’s take a look at five more that haven’t been worn for far too long and should return in 2020:

1919 Chicago White Sox

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It’s not really a surprise these uniforms haven’t returned when considering the way in which Major League Baseball has treated the history of the White Sox, particularly the era surrounding the 1919 Black Sox scandal involving Shoeless Joe Jackson.

However, with the Field of Dreams game scheduled for the forthcoming season, MLB has a great reason to finally dust off these pinstripes – complete with the old-school “Sox” logo on the breast – when America’s Pastime heads to Iowa on Aug. 13, 2020.

1970 Oakland Athletics

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MLB has generally moved away from sleeveless uniforms – often paired with a different colored baseball shirt underneath – but if the Cincinnati Reds’ 1956 throwbacks were any indication, we need more of these.

The Athletics routinely don incredible throwbacks, whether it’s the kelly green jerseys of last year or their yellow ones before that. This is the next look we’d like to see.

1973 Houston Astros

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The Astros have so many throwbacks to choose from, and the now-classic “Tequila Sunrise” look is usually the most popular pick. But Houston wore those as recently as 2017, so why not try something fresh?

This shooting-star look brings the same amount of orange – right up to the cap – while retaining its own unique characteristics. It’s an underrated option and deserves to be trotted out at Minute Maid Park.

1979-80 Chicago Cubs

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The 1970s marked a unique era in baseball fashion, and the Cubs made a rather original contribution near the end of the decade. They had worn pinstripes at home for some time before introducing … baby blue pullovers with white pinstripes and elastic pants.

There were no rules in the ’70s, so it worked. And it would today, too, if the Cubs choose to bring this look back – which they should do, because these babies are sweet.

1984 New York Mets

Ron Vesely / Getty Images Sport / Getty

These Mets throwbacks just pop. The bright and saturated colors really compliment each other. What is not seen here are the white racing-stripe pants that accompany the jerseys.

Everything is really balanced and just works. Right-hander Marcus Stroman recently tweeted that he wants New York to bring back its black uniforms that were introduced in 1998. However, this look from 1984 would be much cooler.