The ritual of growing playoff beards isn’t exactly a thing in baseball compared to other sports – but then, maybe that should change.

After all, so many of today’s superstars are rocking some slick facial hair on the diamond, and the quality of October whiskers this year has been second to none. There are even some stars who are now known for their beards, to the point that they’d be unrecognizable without them.

With the World Series about to begin, here are the five best beards from this year’s playoffs.

Charlie Blackmon, Rockies

Dustin Bradford / Getty Images Sport / Getty

That pristine Mile High air obviously does wonders for facial-hair growth.

Blackmon, the Rockies’ star center fielder, has been rocking this long black beard for several years now, and it only seems to get better with age. The 32-year-old’s 2018 postseason run was short, as the Rockies were swept aside in the NLDS, but rest assured that Blackmon is still a leading contender in the World Series of beards.

David Price, Red Sox

Bob Levey / Getty Images Sport / Getty

Price didn’t have much luck in the playoffs between 2008-2017, going winless in nine postseason starts.

In 2018, the 33-year-old finally got the monkey off his back and won his first playoff game as a starter in the pennant-clinching Game 5 of the ALCS.

Is it a coincidence that Price ended his personal drought while sporting a full, long, and awesome beard? Absolutely not. These events are clearly correlated.

Nick Martini, Athletics

Bob Levey / Getty Images Sport / Getty

It’s time to shake up this list with a stirring addition in Oakland Athletics rookie Nick Martini.

The outfielder and his team couldn’t overcome the beardless New York Yankees in the AL wild-card game, but at least his excellent facial hair received some richly deserved time in the national spotlight.

Martini and his beard typify A’s baseball. He was an unheralded and overlooked rookie who surprised fans with a quietly excellent year. As for his impeccably groomed beard, it might not be the first one you think of, but those wonderful whiskers deserve their rightful recognition as some of the best in the business.

Dallas Keuchel, Astros

Elsa / Getty Images Sport / Getty

Sure, Keuchel’s team may not have repeated as world champions, but that doesn’t mean his beard came up short this season.

It remains an impeccably groomed specimen that always seems to rise to the occasion. While it might have been a little thicker last October, that doesn’t mean it’s past its prime. This is a beard that’s still solid, durable, and dependable – the kind that you’d want on the mound come crunch time. If any team out there puts value in facial hair, they’d be wise to give this pending free agent a call in the winter.

Justin Turner, Dodgers

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images Sport / Getty

Turner – or is that just Gritty in disguise? – has never won an MVP award, but that’s only because MLB hasn’t added excellent beards to the list of qualifications for the honor. Otherwise, he’d have more hardware than Barry Bonds.

The Dodgers third baseman continues to lead the pack when it comes to baseball beards. Turner’s thick red mane has become a trademark that never fails to show up and produce when it matters most. Someday, this will be a first-ballot entry into the Facial Hair Hall of Fame (which seriously needs to be a thing). Enjoy watching it in the World Series once again – it may be a long time before a beard that can match its brilliance shows up on the biggest stage.