Kelley L. Cox / USA TODAY Sports

In a few short years, the San Francisco 49ers will be the only local option for NFL fans in the Bay Area, as the Raiders are set to leave Oakland and relocate to Las Vegas.

If any Raiders fans don’t want to make the move with their team, 49ers general manager John Lynch said Monday on NFL Network that his team is more than willing to accept their support.

“Part of me says, I think it’s good for us,” Lynch said, according to Kevin Patra of “Raider fans, we’re open for business, you know! Come and jump on our train. But the Raiders are a great brand and I think it kind of transcends the location. I’m sure a lot of those people will go down to Vegas and have a good time supporting in the future.”

While the sting of the relocation might cause some to sever ties with the Raiders, the 49ers – who went 2-14 in 2016 and look set for a total rebuild over the next few seasons – might not be the most attractive option.