Jose Canseco’s baseball career is well chronicled: 1986 Rookie of the Year, 1988 AL MVP, 1989 World Series champion, unfathomable power at the plate, 462 career home runs, and the first 40-40 season in baseball history.

And yet, even with those accomplishments, it still took the controversial former All-Star some 15 years – since he last played with the White Sox in 2002 – to get back to the major leagues. It finally happened on Monday when the team he became a star with, the Oakland Athletics, brought him on as a television analyst for this season. This will indeed be must-see TV all year.

So what’s Jose been up to for the last 15 years since being – in his own words – “blackballed” from MLB? Well, he’s been visible, popping up as a whistleblowing author, at independent home-run derbies, and various other random appearances. But judging by the amount of job applications he’s put out on his notoriously weird Twitter account, it would seem he’s needed some work for a long time. Thank god the A’s stepped in and gave him this analyst gig.

Before Canseco shows up on a TV near you, let’s look back and remember when he was semi-unemployed, desperately trying to get attention, and giving out hugs 4 all of u. Here are four jobs that Canseco applied for (and often failed doing so) during his 15-year exile from the majors.

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