Giants' Belt after ejection: 'Something has to be done' about umpire

San Francisco Giants first baseman Brandon Belt was ejected on Thursday against the Washington Nationals along with his manager Bruce Bochy, and postgame he called out an umpire for making too many mistakes.

Home plate umpire Ryan Additon tossed Bochy first in the top of the fifth inning for arguing balls and strikes. Bochy disagreed with the strike call on the final pitch of Belt’s at-bat, which looked to be outside.

Two innings later, Additon called Belt out after a similar pitch, and the 30-year-old slammed down his helmet in frustration before being ejected.

Belt was asked about the ejection after the game.

“As big leaguers we make adjustments, he’s got to do the same thing … everybody out there is human, everybody makes mistakes, but when you do it time and time again, something has to be done,” Belt said following the Giants’ 4-2 loss, according to Alex Pavlovic of NBC Sports Bay Area.

Belt’s unhappiness with Additon comes just two days after Nationals manager Dave Martinez took issue with the same crew in the series opener.

Martinez said he felt disrespected and didn’t appreciate how Tony Randazzo treated him when the skipper questioned the strike zone. Martinez suggested the league should take a look at Randazzo’s behavior.

“So I can tolerate a lot of things,” he said, according to MASN’s Byron Kerr. “Don’t do that. I have a lot of respect for umpires – everybody knows that. I typically don’t complain too much about them. But you know him walking towards our dugout when I’m in the dugout, I hope the league looks at that because like I said, I didn’t say much to really get tossed. But he felt like I said enough.”