Madden 18 Ratings Analysis: Teams

Mitch Sanderson

12h ago

Reinhold Matay / USA TODAY Sports

theScore’s Jack Browne and Mitch Sanderson take a deep dive into the ratings from the newly released Madden 18 video game.

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Team Rating
Patriots 93
Falcons 91
Cowboys 89
Steelers 88
Packers 88
Chiefs 87
Seahawks 86
Raiders 86
Titans 85
Giants 84
Saints 84
Bills 83
Dolphins 83
Cardinals 82
Broncos 82
Colts 82
Lions 81
Buccaneers 81
Ravens 80
Chargers 80
Redskins 80
Texans 79
Panthers 79
Eagles 78
Vikings 78
Bengals 78
Jaguars 77
Bears 77
Browns 76
49ers 76
Rams 75
Jets 75

It should come as no surprise that the top-rated teams are the ones that made it furthest in last year’s playoffs, but even for the New England Patriots, a 93 rating is impressive.

The Buffalo Bills may want to think twice about their rebuild, as they already have the 12th-best team in Madden. Meanwhile, the Houston Texans are left wondering if they truly were the AFC South champions in 2016.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers aren’t getting the love that social media wants to give them after adding DeSean Jackson, O.J. Howard, and Chris Godwin to the offense; the ninth-ranked Tennessee Titans may have been the ones to scoop up that hype instead.

While the order is a bit different, Madden and theScore agreed that the Cincinnati Bengals, Jacksonville Jaguars, Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns, San Francisco 49ers, Los Angeles Rams, and New York Jets make up the seven worst teams in the NFL entering the season.

QB | RB | WR | TE | OL | K/P
DL | LB | DB | Rookie | Team